Birthing Our Conscious Evolution – May 2019 Message

The Big Birth I am exploring this month is the birth of our conscious awakening. I cannot think of a more important thing to consider and commit to. To me, doing my own work and encouraging and supporting the awakening of individuals and the whole of humanity feels critical to our survival. That which gave birth to ALL life – … Read More

Feelings of Family – August Message

One of the things I appreciate about these monthly messages is the way that committing to and communicating about them deepens my experience of each subject. I’m usually surprised by the ways that deepening occurs. Often, it’s beautiful and feels expansive and enlightening. Other time that focus brings in things that feel heavy and painful. But I am practicing the … Read More

Practicing Being Present – May’s Monthly Message

“To be effective in your work as a Licensed Practitioner, you MUST walk your talk.” I took this bit of truth teaching seriously nearly 20 years ago. In other words, any principle or practice I find myself teaching or suggesting, I must be living and doing that thing as fully as possible. For example, a theme that has surfaced in … Read More

A Bit of “Her-Story”:

Born in the summer of love (1967), I grew up in San Diego, California. After Dad moved out when I was 5, it was me, my 2 older sisters, our mom, lots of pets and one tiny bathroom.  As a child I had love, friends and lots of freedom. My mother introduced me to spiritual principles at an early age. … Read More

Blue Ridge

9-29-17 From this quiet cabin in the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains I’ll write my first blog post in a very long time.  And I will do it exactly the way I like my honey in my morning tea – raw and unfiltered. I am halfway through my month of solitude in this place called Meadows of Dan.  It … Read More