Who I am!

I am a lover of life. ALL of it – the beautiful, mysterious, heartbreaking, hysterical, terrifying, and miraculous. I believe life itself is a miracle of such vast proportions that it is our soul’s obligation to live it and love it as fully as possible. And I am keenly aware that being human can sometimes feel excruciating, confusing, lonely and downright cruel. I choose to be fully available to the whole experience and support others in doing the same.

My faith is in what I like to call “Divine Creative Love-Intelligence.” I’m convinced we are made of, and constantly co-create with that mysterious undeniable life-force. When I started on this path I was a hopeful, doubting skeptic. Now, after more than 23 years of exploration and experience, I KNOW our thoughts create, I know prayer is powerful, and I know there is a lot I don’t know!

There is nothing I love more (except maybe my husband, dog and certain foods), than working with people who are willing. My ideal clients, students and mentees are souls genuinely ready for liberation from their BS (belief systems). They want freedom bad enough to look honestly at themselves, be vulnerable, and do whatever it takes to brave radical unapologetic happiness!

Personal “Her-Story”:

Born in the summer of love (1967), I grew up in San Diego, California. After Dad moved out when I was 5, it was me, my 2 older sisters, our mom, lots of pets and one tiny bathroom. …READ MORE.

Professional Background:

I became a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner through the Centers for Spiritual Living in 1999.

During my years of Practitioner training I worked for Louise Hay. Louise was a bestselling author whose work brought spiritual principles mainstream. Her “Dear Louise” advice column and book, You Can Heal Your Life, has been translated into 25 languages. She also created Hay House, the largest new thought publishing company in the world. During my time working in Louise’s home office, she became my mentor and I became her ghost writer, responding to thousands of “Dear Louise” letters.

I now write my own Ask Stef advice column, published monthly in Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind Magazine.

My work is deeply fulfilling, and I relish opportunities to connect with awakening souls. I do this through inspirational speaking, facilitating workshops, retreats and classes locally and throughout the country, including virtually. I look forward to connecting with you!


I am Licensed by and a member of:

Centers for Spiritual Living (http://csl.org/en/)

Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado (https://www.milehichurch.org)

I have been on staff with three spiritual communities;

Pacific Church of Religious Science with Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn in San Diego, CA

In-Spirit Center for Spiritual Living, Orange County, CA,

and Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, CO.