Practitioner Services (Spiritual Guidance and Coaching)

What is a Practitioner?

A Science of Mind and Spirit Practitioner is a person of high spiritual consciousness who has undergone extensive training in the understanding and use of Spiritual Principles, including the power of affirmative prayer (also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment). After a minimum of four years of intense study and testing, professional practitioners are licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living; an organization of nearly 400 spiritual communities around the globe organized in 1949. Practitioners are licensed to practice professionally, are required to continue their education and service, and are bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy.

Practitioners are trained to assist people in understanding and applying Universal Spiritual Principles to improve their lives. We utilize the art of affirmative prayer as we teach principles that, when understood and practiced, solve problems and change conditions. A Practitioner practices, demonstrates and lives spiritual truth, and assists clients in coping with and transforming any challenge. Common subject areas explored include professional goals, financial abundance, relationship growth, and health and vitality. Additionally, we address the fulfillment of dreams and desires; knowing they are the blueprints to life purpose and true joy in living.

My Profession as a Practitioner

I have been blessed to have an evolving and thriving practice since graduation in 1999. I offer one-on-one support sessions, mentoring, classes, retreats and speaking engagements.

It is profoundly fulfilling to support people who are ready and eager to grow and learn. My purpose is to assist in opening doors of possibility and awakening. This is accomplished by guiding my clients into the courageous realization of their own personal power. I am honored to do this amazing work and to witness the transformation, joy and fulfillment my clients experience.


Life Visioning is a powerful spiritual practice created by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. Visioning individually or with a group has an alchemical way of creating an opening for Divine wisdom, guidance and clarity to come through.  I have been facilitating Visioning for individuals, couples and groups since training with Dr. Beckwith in Los Angeles in 2006.

What is Visioning? The creator of the process explains it best…

Life Visioning is the universal spiritual technology that enables you to see the invisible and hear the inaudible—in other words, to intuitively catch the answers burning in your consciousness that are beyond the static of the five senses and surface mind. Visioning is a practice that sensitizes and utilizes the inner sixth sense of intuition, allowing us to encounter truth directly, without the process of reasoning. The Life Visioning Process is a practice for becoming more deeply acquainted with yourself and for using what you discover as rich material for taking your next evolutionary leap in consciousness. It is a universal method that complements any existing spiritual practices in which you currently participate. In fact, you may find that it enhances your practices as you vision for the next step in your unfoldment.

Facilitated Visioning Sessions

When a person desires change or feels called to a greater expression of love, creativity or prosperity, this experience reveals undeniable guidance and clarity. I deeply enjoy facilitating group visioning when focused on one individual.

Allowing a group of friends to support you is just the first step in receiving a profound gift. Synchronicity reveals itself through the “downloads” of participants in such a way that you, the receiver, cannot easily dismiss it!  The result is awareness (for some it feels like “proof”) that the Universe is definitely supporting you and the realization of your greatest good. The experience blesses all involved as the overall feeling is usually one of inspiration, connection and awe.

The process is  2 1/2 hours in length and can take place in my home or yours.

The following offerings; Sacred Covenant Creation  –  Mentoring  –  Co-Creation  –  and classes including;  Principles of Financial Freedom and Living My Life Purpose are tools used in my practice based on the extensive teachings and materials created by Rev. Lloyd Strom and Rev. Dr. Marcia Sutton.  These two illustrious ministers of the Science of Mind and Spirit have co-created an enormous body of sacred spiritual material over the past 25 years.  Their gifts to the awakening of the consciousness of humanity are immense. I am deeply grateful to be trained and mentored in their sacred work. For more information see bottom of this page.

Sacred Covenant Creation

What is a Sacred Covenant?

A Sacred Covenant is a Holy Agreement, a Divine Promise or “soul contract.”  A completed Covenant takes the form of a “conscious living document” that reveals the “agreement” between your unique soul and the Divine (or God/Goddess/Spirit/The Universe/Creator). The purpose of creating a Sacred Covenant is to assist you in developing clarity of mind about the divine inspirations that are seeking to express themselves through you. Ultimately, a Sacred Covenant serves as a powerful anchor and clear guide into consciously living your greatest and most fulfilling life.

My Sacred Covenant Experience and Why I Facilitate the Process

In my lifetime of spiritual study and exploration, nothing has come close to the way this material has dramatically impacted my life. Whether my Covenants focus on my life, work/ministry, health, creativity, finances, navigating loss, or creating a foundation for my marriage – the evolutionary power of this tool has been second to none.

How I can support you on this journey

If you are seeking deeper clarity and direction in your life or wish to profoundly enhance your partnerships, finances or health, I will facilitate the the process of creating your Sacred Covenant. This can be done through a series of private sessions, in a class setting, or through my annual “Sacred Soul Retreat.”

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What is a Mentor?

Mentoring is a sacred and powerful relationship entered into with high a consciousness of Trust. The dictionary defines a mentor as a wise and trusted counselor or teacher and I am honored to play this role. This interaction requires your deep commitment to engage fully in your own healing and in the creation of the life you are meant to live.

As written by Rev. Lloyd Strom, “A mentor is an authentic teacher of spiritual knowledge. They are individuals who have become living testaments of the wisdom they teach. Mentors guide us through the difficulties of life, and teach us to discern illusion from truth. It is rare indeed to find an individual who can progress very far upon the path of spiritual attainment without the assistance of mentors.”

My Mentorship Experience and Practice

Having experienced my own mentor relationship for over a decade, I cannot say enough about the power of this committed partnership. In the realm of consistent Spiritual and personal growth, nothing else compares. It is my deep honor to offer my services as mentor to those clients who are ready.

Mentorship with me requires a commitment of bi-weekly or monthly sessions either in person, by phone, or Skype.  A mentorship agreement is required to engage in the creation of your individual Sacred Covenant.

The Co-Creation Process

I am a Certified Co-Creation Facilitator through the Centers for Spiritual Living. Visit for more information.

The Co-Creation Process is a highly spiritual, strategic and coherent group process experience that applies advanced principles of Science of Mind to group/team interaction. This process can serve leadership teams within spiritual communities, business teams and partnerships, as well as intimate relationships between individuals including committed partners, spouses, families, etc.

In the process, members are guided through a sequence of steps that support completion of the past and deep transformation as individuals and as a collective. Together the participants move from an outer condition or situation identified by the group as important to transform, into a healing experience, and then out into new creation and articulation of purpose and intentions (in the form of a Sacred Covenant).

The effect of the Co-Creation Process is “newness through group healing,” and the result through time is expression and accomplishment beyond what any one person can do alone. Through the Co-Creation Process the group becomes an open portal through which Spirit expresses in new and wonderful ways.

For more information, click here to read an essay written by the founders/creators of the Co-Creation Process:

The Spirit of Co-Creation – An inspired essay by Rev. Marcia Sutton and Rev. Lloyd Strom


Regarding Marcia and Lloyd’s work – its been said the material is Divinely inspired; meaning much of it “downloads” through Rev. Lloyd’s intense spiritual practice (he meditates several hours per day) and reveals its clear mystical and transformative “magic” through his brilliant engineer’s mind. Since being introduced to it over 25 years ago through my friend and mentor, Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn, I have utilized the tools in my life and coaching practice with incredible results.  I do not use this word lightly, but the way it facilitates deep inner work and a profound change in consciousness is nothing short of miraculous.

What makes the inspired nature of this work even more obvious is the fact that in Lloyd and Marcia’s hearts – it is a gift to humanity.  Therefore, the vast majority of material is available for anyone to use for their spiritual enrichment free of charge at

Please familiarize yourself with the Materials Policy

To participate in gracious giving and circulation (and to expand the blessings), appreciation offerings are accepted


Wow is the word that is coming to me right now. Every time I'm in your energy I'm amazed on how much I awaken, I grow, and I expand. What an incredible experience the visioning session was! You are an extremely bright light on this planet and a blessing to everyone you come in contact with.
Deep gratitude, deep love, deep appreciation.

Kimberly B., Lakewood, CO

There is truly something magical and alchemical that happens when working with Stef. In one of her workshops I moved through years of clogged and distorted old paradigms and pains that I had previously been unable to release. Every time I am with her I leave liberated and infused with fresh possibilities. I can’t say enough about this lady!  Her pure love and high consciousness has truly changed my life!

Chris B. Conifer, CO

Stef’s wisdom, love and generosity is truly boundless.  I have grown profoundly in my capacity to love others, myself and my life.  I could go on and on about how she has helped me awaken and has been a space of zero judgement and total inspiration.  If you want a more fulfilling life, do whatever you can to work with her!

Maureen N., Pacific Beach, CA 

Stef is one of the most loving and heart-centered people I’ve ever encountered.  She provides a safe and supportive sanctuary to explore the light and shadow sides of the spiritual journey and offers unique insights and guidance that work to uncover blocks, hidden fears, unfulfilled potential and life purpose.  She has been an anchor when I’ve been tossed around in the turbulent seas of transformation and a compass guiding me to beautiful new shores where I can express myself authentically and walk confidently on firm sand.  I am so grateful and blessed that she is walking beside me as I travel uncharted paths and explore new horizons of awareness.

Betsy B,  Louisville, CO

Stef is an amazing spiritual leader and practitioner.  She’s an absolute magician when it comes to downloading spiritual wisdom and insight.  I trust her instincts and intuition without reserve and I’d recommend her work to anyone interested in growing themselves and transforming their life.  As I always say when I leave her company, ‘Thank you God for bringing me Stef, and thank you Stef, for bringing me God.”

Diane W.

Stef’s class was such a powerful and profound experience. She creates a truly safe space for deep work. She’s phenomenal! I am so happy we connected!

Coleene F., Denver, CO

Stef is an incredible teacher and mentor! Our work has been enlightening and powerful. When I am in a stressful situation and ungrounded, Stef is persistent in helping me get to the bottom of my issue, and is ever-so-supportive in her mentoring.
Most importantly, she has helped me reclaim my soul, my purpose, my journey and I leave our sessions with renewed strength, confidence and deep inner peace! I am so fortunate I found her. She is a GIFT!

Lyn E.

This workshop connected me more deeply than I thought possible with my inner truth and the power to express it.  There is no going backward, only forward.  I do this now with great anticipation of what is to come.