Birthing Our Conscious Evolution – May 2019 Message

The Big Birth I am exploring this month is the birth of our conscious awakening. I cannot think of a more important thing to consider and commit to. To me, doing my own work and encouraging and supporting the awakening of individuals and the whole of humanity feels critical to our survival. That which gave birth to ALL life – the magnificent and mysterious forces of consciousness, creativity and this miraculous planet, now requires us – life’s self-aware expression – to change and grow – to evolve.

Friends, I am genuinely curious and would LOVE to hear from you about this. What thoughts come to mind when you hear the term Conscious Evolution? Can you relate to it personally? And where do you believe the power to evolve exists? Is it in government or in the hands of the wealthy, or your own mind – and do you trust it? OK, last question: Do you believe one person can change the world – or a small group of people? I do.

Perhaps you have heard this quote by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Years ago I met a woman who changed the world (she certainly changed mine). I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of a small “evolutionary” group who gathered in her home in Santa Barbara to assist her in “birthing” her vision of Conscious Evolution to share with the world. I am talking about Barbara Marx Hubbard; a visionary, futurist, author, teacher and, on a personal level for me, a vibrantly present, alive, brilliant, courageous and extraordinary human being.

(To learn more about Barbara and her gifts to humanity, visit

In January of 2005, my beloved North McKinnon, his business partner Janet Schatzman, and myself joined Barbara and a small group of her close and brilliant friends for a 3-day deep dive into the exploration of humanities next evolutionary leap – one of consciousness.

North, a masterful facilitator, navigated the group as they began to unveil and expand Barbara’s vision. Janet, an incredible artist, illustrated what this “think tank” articulated. And I served as a prayerful presence and scribe, capturing the conversation on my laptop.

Our journey revealed the first version of the spiral image depicting humanities evolutionary journey from the beginning, to now, and beyond. Millions have come to recognize this imagery through Barbara’s books, lectures and videos.

Months later, North and I were with Barbara as she unveiled the imagery and teaching at the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) conference in Palm Springs, CA.

Barbara’s sudden passing last month at the age of 89 came as a sad shock and surprise. Although I knew she was close to entering her ninth decade, her zest kept her youthful in my heart and mind. Her sheer aliveness exemplified the power and possibility within each of us. She ignited a deep passion within me that has been a cornerstone of my work ever since.

I encourage you to explore Barbara’s many books, courses, lectures and videos. Bless you, Barbara. Thank you for sharing the gift of YOU with all of us.

One Comment on “Birthing Our Conscious Evolution – May 2019 Message”

  1. Greetings Stef!
    Wonderful to receive your video message and your blog today. Through you, I learned of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s passing. And also learned that you and North were co-creators of the “Spinal”.

    The Month of May is magical time! I appreciate you and your heart!
    I send blessings to you, Dan and “woof”!

    All the best to you!

    Sherry McDowell

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