General Policies Regarding the Use of NovaTech Materials

Following are the general policies regarding the use of materials created and protected under the name of Sacred Days, Graceful Ways, NovaTech or Lloyd Strom:

1.     NovaTech materials may not be reproduced for commercial purposes, or distributed for the purpose of teaching classes for which fees are charged or collections taken. However, they may be freely copied and used for personal and/or non-commercial purposes.

2.     The source of the materials must be acknowledged whenever they are distributed by any person, for any purpose. Furthermore, they must not be altered or changed in any fashion without the author’s consent.

3.     The materials may be copied and utilized for the purposes of personally teaching any spiritually oriented class. If fees are charged and/or collections taken, it is requested that an ‘appreciation offering’ be made to the author based on the value received from the use of the materials, as determined by the user.

4.     The materials may not be bound or included in any published and distributed offering without the author’s consent. This includes both electronic and/or conventional printed publications.

5.     In the event that the author is unavailable to provide consent for the use of the materials, as described above, such consent may also be obtained from Rev. Marcia Sutton. Contact information is provided below.

Appreciation Offerings

NovaTech materials are freely provided by the authors without fees or royalties. If they have been of value to you, then you are invited to increase that value through an act of gratitude by making an ‘appreciation offering’ to their source.  Please visit the website for further instructions.

January 2011
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