Stef Swink - Licensed Practioner, Loving Life Services Coach

Licensed Practitioner – Spiritual Mentor

Advice Columnist, Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker

Spiritual awakening. Conscious evolution. Thriving and loving our lives. These are my passions; the fuel and fire of my reason for being. Cultivating and expanding these realities in myself and others is my sacred work in this world.

People who are courageous, happy, fulfilled, and open are the most powerful change agents on the planet. Those committed (or at least willing) to live this way experience more joy, freedom, peace and success. They are also a lot nicer to be around!

We are on the planet at this time to evolve consciously, spiritually and collectively. The momentum is underway. Headlines tempt us to believe the evolve consciously, spiritually, and collectively text calloutopposite is true. But the evolutionary drivers (unsustainable patterns of believing, behaving, denying and destroying) are intensifying planet-wide.  The increasing discord is forcing those who are paying attention to look at and do something about what needs to change, both personally and globally. Waking up does not always feel fabulous but the freedom it brings does. I am here to help in that process.

So why are you here?  And I don’t mean here on this website; although that it a good question! But why are you on the planet right now? I can tell you with certainty there are extremely good reasons for both!

Let me tell you why I am here. My passion (along with animals, nature, travel, great food and good music), is to raise the vibration on this planet. I do this by partnering with people who are ready – or think they might be – to do what it takes to get real and co-create lives they deeply love. My purpose then, is to support, encourage and call forth the awakening of consciousness in myself and those I love and work with. I love it. And I am good at it too!

If you are a little bit excited – doubtful but curious – or hopeful but not sure – keep exploring my site. Watch the videos of my talks, read the blogs and explore the archives of my advice column. If you feel a connection, a tug, or even a bit of discomfort, reach out! Let’s explore this adventurous path of awakening together. I would be honored to partner with you in stepping into the awesome part in life only you can play. After all, that just might be why we are both here!

Embrace Possibility, Claim Your Freedom, Love Your Life!

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Embrace Possibility, Claim Your Freedom, Love Your Life!