Sacred Covenant Creation

for Licensed Practitioners

Continuing Education (CEU) Course facilitated by Stef Swink, RScP


Saturday, May 7, 2016, 10:00am – 3:00pm

Mile Hi Church, Seminar Room D, Community Center

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What a thrill and delight to have this opportunity to serve, enrich and empower my fellow Practitioners!  I am honored to share and guide you through the Sacred Covenant Process.

During my 17 years in practice, this has been my all-time favorite spiritual tool; right up there with Affirmative Prayer, enthusiastic embraces and nature-based meditations!  I am confident and excited this experience will be beneficial and impactful for all of you!

Whether you are:

  • A new or seasoned Practitioner
  • Actively seeing clients, want to begin or expand your practice – OR have no interest in ever doing so!
  • Want to go deeper in your spiritual practice and relationship with God
  • Or want to just have a blast of an experience with your peers…


What you can expect.  This class will:

  • Connect you to the integrity of your own inner wisdom, rooting you in clear understanding of your Souls purpose and agreements.
  • som-prac-stole-white-goldProvide a profound experience to deepen your commitment to the ways Spirit is seeking to express through you.
  • Supply direct access to wholehearted embodiment of Spiritual Truth’s and their practical application throughout your life.
  • Gift you with tools to finally release anything that has held you back or kept you stuck – no matter how old or seemingly ingrained.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to embrace a new and/or renewed relationship with the Divine/God/Universe/Spirit.
  • Support you in creating a transformational tool like no other – Your Sacred Covenant.

Your Sacred Covenant will empower you to live in the clearest, most effective, powerful, joyful and fulfilling ways you can imagine (and then some!)

More information about this class: it’s process, creators, benefits for the Practitioner and future opportunities:

Creation of a Sacred Covenant (Agreement with Spirit) is an incredibly healing, empowering, and enlightening guided process created by Rev. Dr. Marcia Sutton and Rev. Lloyd Strom.  The journey profoundly grounds the Practitioner in deep awareness and agreement with the way in which the Divine wants to express Itself through them uniquely and individually.

sitting_buddhaMany Practitioners are challenged with clarifying how they truly want to serve, while others are clear but may lack the tools to empower them into action.  Creating and living in what is called “Covenant Relationship” with their sacred role as Practitioner has an incredible, (I will even say “magical”) way of opening up the portals to the most fulfilling and authentic experience possible.

Of course, having this deep understanding enriches the power and effectiveness of the various ways each Practitioner serves – in both their professional and personal lives. Living in this agreement provides an unwavering anchor and guide when making decisions; navigating change or working with clients in any capacity.  It opens a portal for the Practitioner to deeply trust the ways Spirit is working through them in even the most challenging or difficult situations.  It is a tool of Faith that activates our greatest selves.

This 5-hour workshop is an abbreviated experience of the overall Covenant teaching and creation journey.  You will experience a sampling of pieces sufficient to allow you to create a Sacred Covenant.  Through my ministry – the offerings around this process vary from a mentor relationship (where the journey is engaged in at a deep personal level over a period of time in an individual one-on-one design), to 8-week classes, weekend and 5-day retreats.   Please visit my services page to learn more about the creators of this material, and my events page for upcoming opportunities to go deeper.

Blessings most abundantly,