Practicing Being Present – May’s Monthly Message

“To be effective in your work as a Licensed Practitioner, you MUST walk your talk.” I took this bit of truth teaching seriously nearly 20 years ago. In other words, any principle or practice I find myself teaching or suggesting, I must be living and doing that thing as fully as possible. For example, a theme that has surfaced in … Read More

A Bit of “Her-Story”:

Born in the summer of love (1967), I grew up in San Diego, California. After Dad moved out when I was 5, it was me, my 2 older sisters, our mom, lots of pets and one tiny bathroom.  As a child I had love, friends and lots of freedom. My mother introduced me to spiritual principles at an early age. … Read More

Blue Ridge

9-29-17 From this quiet cabin in the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains I’ll write my first blog post in a very long time.  And I will do it exactly the way I like my honey in my morning tea – raw and unfiltered. I am halfway through my month of solitude in this place called Meadows of Dan.  It … Read More