Ask Stef – May 2016

You Are a Divine Design

Okay Stef,

I have finally accepted that no matter what is going on in my life, I am right where I’m supposed to be. I feel like I finally trust the Universe/God, but that hasn’t stopped me from feeling angry, hurt, frustrated and hopeless sometimes. I thought my deepened faith would ease the pain of life’s heartbreaks and difficulties. I feel disappointed — in God and myself. If all this work doesn’t make me more peaceful, then what’s the point? Help! — SAS

Dear SAS,

First of all, gigantic kudos for your courageous willingness to accept your life and where you are in it. That is HUGE! Your level of wisdom has tremendous power. And believe me, I know how deflating it can be when, despite all your growth and healing, life still throws curve balls that knock you flat. I strongly believe in cultivating and fully experiencing a life that is fulfilling, peaceful and feels good, while simultaneously not running from painful difficulties. This is the primary way we are evolving. And this world needs people willing to evolve!

When my husband of seven months was dying from cancer, Marianne Williamson said he was like a peacock. Peacocks are stunningly beautiful, and at times they must eat thorns to survive. He was dying as he was awakening. My journey through the well of grief ultimately expanded my capacity to embrace life and love in ways nothing else could have. We need both light and dark, sadness and joy. Accepting, allowing — even celebrating! — both sides transform us from slow, limited caterpillars to free-flying butterflies.

Barbara Marx Hubbard uses this metamorphosis analogy when discussing our “Conscious Evolution.” It sounds like your trust mixed with pain and disappointment are the very “Imaginal Cells” fueling the upward spiral of your soul. Khalil Gibran said, “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”

You are so close. Set loose your understanding. Relish in peacefulness when it’s yours and resist cursing pain when it comes.

You are an evolving spirit in human form by Divine design. Honor that by allowing and enjoying the ride!

from Science of Mind Magazine ( – May 2016

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