Ask Stef – June 2016

We Can’t Ask for Too Much

Dear Stef,

I have a full-time job with benefits. It allows me a flexible schedule and is a low-stress position. However, it is not my passion, and I often feel like I am hiding in this area of my life so I don’t have to fully show up in others. I often hear, “No job is perfect,” which influences me to think I am asking for too much. My intention is to be seen, compensated generously and to love what I do. Is that too much to ask for? — DP

Dear DP,

When considering your unrest, I’m reminded of a key spiritual concept: “That which you are seeking is seeking you.” Plenty of people would be content with the job you described. However, you feel a pull to live (and work) in alignment with your passion and highest potential. As much as I wish it were true, I doubt you were told growing up that doing what you love and being paid well were what to go for and expect as an adult. Where do you think this desire originated? This longing is Spirit within you seeking full expression as you!

Your inability to accept a passionless work life — while also recognizing this is a way you keep your light hidden – are the very things driving your unique and undeniable awakening. The longing for fulfilling work is part of your soul’s DNA — your very own built-in pattern of metamorphosis. This also means all the elements needed to manifest this desire are available to you!

I recommend writing down everything you value and fear. These lists reveal the opposing forces of every choice you make. Both are drivers and motivators of the human experience, and your freedom lies with your willingness to accept that. Resist the temptation to make yourself wrong for any of it!

And, if I may be so bold — your current job is a gift! It provides a platform to commit to your intention while showing up fully and with integrity as you continue to move toward your vision. I sense you already know your desire is not too much to ask for.

Marianne Williamson says, “We don’t ask God for too much; in fact, we ask for too little.” Keep asking!

from Science of Mind Magazine ( – June 2016

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