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I grew up in San Diego, CA. and was introduced to Spiritual Principles early in life. In 2001 I moved to Orange County, CA and met North McKinnon, who would become my husband in Dec. 2006.  Seven months later, in August of 2007, North passed away from a rare form of sinus cancer after having undergone radical facial surgery (including the removal of his left eye and upper palette), and a year and a half transformational journey of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and miracles of community and spiritual healing.  (Visit and Barnie

After his death, I released my partnership in a successful professional organizing business called Organizing Angels.  I then sold or stored my belongings, bought a 27′ motor home and hit the road for a long solo healing journey with my dog, Barnie.  For nearly nine months we traveled the United States (see and eventually landed in Evergreen, CO. Yes, a book is in the works about this entire incredible journey – so stay tuned!

The above mentioned experiences, as well as many others, fuel the powerful commitment I have to supporting the freedom, healing and evolution of the human spirit.  My journey through grief and loss, and subsequent profound sense of purpose, joy and freedom, enable me to be present and “stand in the fire” with others through any circumstance while knowing the highest Truth’s possible.Stef and Freedom

Other miscellaneous things about me: I have a huge love of animals and have worked and volunteered in a large variety of roles with both wild and domestic creatures.  I love to hike, horseback ride, do yoga, travel and spend quality time with my sweetheart, critters, friends, and family.

And finally, three TRUTHS I live my life by –

“A miracle is nothing more than a shift in perception.”

“Anything is possible!”

and “Life ROCKS!”

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4 Comments on “My Story”

  1. Jani McCarty

    Love your website Stef. And I so enjoyed traveling with you through your posts on FB of your incredible adventure in Peru.
    I just received your invitation to join you for Honoring Your Big Dreams; The Rewards of Risk.
    It sounds like something I would really enjoy. Bummed that I am unable to join you tomorrow evening or Thursday morning.

    I trust another time will be perfect and I look forward to that.
    Love & Light Sister,
    Jani McCarty xxo

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